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With an important role in Eastern culture, peony is selected for the style of Peony Cruises in the aim to provide visitors a royal experience.

For its most popular colour of red, peony is the symbol for honor and wealth in Chinese culture. Peony only appeared in the palaces and rich noble families in China in the old time. Regarded as the queen of flowers, peonies were also admired in literature, music and paintings for centuries.

Like a striking large red peony in the sea, each boat of Peony Cruises shows its noble colour among others, giving each guest his or her own palace. The royal beauty represents the intricate design of the reception space, each cabin, the restaurant, the spa and the bar in a fine combination, thanks to talented designers from France, the country that is famous for imperial architecture and design. In addition, every item on board also meets strict Western standards for the highest quality.

As the boat takes you through the most attractive areas of the Tonkin Gulf, with immense limestone mountains standing millions of years, tranquil floating villages, some people spreading their fishnets or some fish jumping over the water surface of the World Heritage Site, you can contemplate beautiful nature without any bustling noisy city for a smooth escape to peace - the symbol of a full-bloom peony.

Totally relaxed on comfy benches with an umbrella cocktail, you will feel like kings and queens of another untouched serene beautiful world, your own world.


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Sometimes we live experiences that mark us for the rest of our life. If you are looking for living one of these experiences, let us help you. Our

passionate personnel will assist you in order to design a tailored trip that you will remember forever.

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