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For the benefit of both current and future generations, Peony Cruises commit to being socially sustainable. We strive to ease the pressure that we put on the environment, to contribute to the remarkable community work that aid the vulnerable, and to save the rich variety of natural heritage and culture in the area of Ha Long Bay – Lan Ha Bay. This mission can only be completed with the support of all our guests and local partners.

Our Passion and Ambition towards sustainability are intrinsically linked with our authenticity and sincerity to improve our environmental and community sustainability.

  • Environmental Sustainability

Peony Cruises engage in partnerships with local authorities to actively promote and campaign for the conservation and protection of the environment.

  • Community Sustainability¬†

We Contribute to the welfare of the local communities in Ha Long Bay through our Community Cruise Program. Through this program, we can arrange for our guests to spend some time in floating villages. This enables them to upgrade all the basic facilities for the use of the local community.

We Provide opportunities for cultural exchanges where locals and visitors can share, learn from each other and foster understanding in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

We Aim to maximise the positive benefits of tourism for all local communities in Ha Long Bay. This includes providing jobs for local community members, using local food suppliers where possible, and assisting in the development of local businesses.

We Actively minimise the negative effects that tourism can bring by ensuring that tourism does not divert resources away from local communities or adversely affect the local economy.

We Strive to provide the best knowledge of the local culture as well as providing guidelines on appropriate behaviour to minimise any negative impacts from our presence.