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Why Cruise with Us?

Peony Cruises is one of the Most Luxurious Cruise brands in Ha Long Bay. The First Cruise was launched in early 2018 and aims to provide a High-end service and remarkable holiday experience for our customers.  We have organized unique itineraries which are off the beaten track in Ha Long Bay and  Lan Ha Bay as we have extensive knowledge about cruising in this area. You are guaranteed a remarkable experience, exploring the hidden charms of the bay, taking in the stunning scenery from the comfort of the ship and visit pristine beaches that you can find nowhere else.

Two Peony Cruises offer 40 Luxurious and Elegant Cabins, Peony Cruise 1 offer 20 Stylish Cabins and Peony Cruise 2 offer 20 Stylish Cabins, from Two Cruises with Professional Services and Friendly Highly Skilled Crew Members  who are ready to ensure that your time on the ship is Unforgettable.

We are Proud to be the first and the Only Cruise in Ha Long Bay could Accommodate all Special food diet: Kosher, Vegetarian, Gluten Free diet with the strictest standards.

You will depart from Tuan Chau marina – Halong Bay.

By Cruising with Peony Cruises, you will also be Contributing to support children in crisis here in Vietnam. Peony Cruises is a partner of Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation which has been working for the past 14 years to Rescue Street Kids, and Children trapped in slavery and forced labor. 

Peony Cruises

Peony Cruises is one of the Most Luxurious Cruises in the Ha Long Bay, which was voted as one of the World’s New 7 Wonders of Nature in 2011.

Peony Cruises is the sister cruise of Mon Chéri Cruises and Lily Cruises, which has been sailing in Ha Long Bay in early 2018, Peony Cruises aims to create a Unique and Unforgettable holiday for all passengers.


Cabin & Suite

Peony Cruises are the Leading Cruise Line  in Ha Long Bay. We have BRAND NEW CRUISES in Ha Long Bay -  Lan Ha Bay with the highest level of customer service and an unbeatable relaxing environment that is sure to exceed your highest expectations of any and all Ha Long Bay cruises.

We were the first cruise company that organized this specific cruise through Ha Long Bay - Lan Ha Bay


Sundeck 360 degree view

The Sundeck with a spectacular view of Ha Long Bay - Lan Ha Bay is famous for serving the 360 -degree vision of the sea and island.


Swimming pool on top of yacht

Flanked by a wooden villa-style rim, the pool is surrounded by sun loungers and sofas. Nearby is the large al fresco dining table, so guests can easily cool off after over-indulging at supper.