Our story

Thank you very much for your valuable time to understand how Mon Chéri Cruises came about.

My name is Thuc Nguyen, and I am the owner of this beautiful ship. As I grew up in the countryside of Quang Ninh province, I had a dream that one day I would be able to help as many poor people as possible. This dream came true. I have worked in the field of tourism for almost 18 years, and have provided jobs for many locals from my hometown. I also had the chance to travel to many different places, and experience different cultures. It is a privilege for me now to share the beauty of Vietnam with visitors from around the world.

The magnificence of Ha Long Bay was the inspiration for me to build my first cruise, Paloma Cruise.

Now, I have the opportunity to extend Vietnamese hospitality again through my second ship, Mon Chéri. It was built in early 2017 and will be completed in January 2018.

Who named the ship ‘Mon Chéri’?

Mon Chéri Cruises was named by a special client of mine from New Zealand who has helped many Vietnamese children through her support of Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation. More than just a client, I consider her as a big sister to my family.

Why partner with Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation?

It was my New Zealand sister who introduced me to Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation, a great organization working to help children in crisis in Vietnam. The foundation was established by Michael Brosowski in 2003, after his visit to Vietnam as an English teacher. He wanted to help the homeless children, and since then, it has grown to support more than 1,400 homeless children in Vietnam annually.

Blue Dragon rescues street children, as well as children trafficked for forced labour and to the sex trade (brothels and forced marriages) in China. The foundation helps them to reunite with their families and provides all the services needed for recovery and growth. This includes hot meals, shelter, medical care, educational support and psychological counselling.

The love of Michael and his team has changed many children’s lives, and I am honoured to be able to support these children as a partner of Blue Dragon. By being a guest of Mon Chéri, you are also sharing the love to help those children.

We will work hard to offer you our best services and hope that you will enjoy your cruise. It is also my hope that you will bring home a memorable experience which will stay with you for many years to come.

On behalf of Mon Chéri Cruises team, I would like to express the sincerely thanks for choosing our service.

General Director

Nguyen Manh Thuc