Weather in Ha Long Bay

General Climate

Ha Long Bay belongs to the Northern Patterns of Vietnam so it is generally cooler than the Southern of the Country. It experiences two main distinct seasons.
• In Winter months, the weather gets colder and colder from November to March and considerably warmer in April (a leap into summer). This is also time to observe much cloud and frequent drizzle. The average winter temperature is 17.2°C (62.9°F). Particularly, deep inside bay is often colder; temperature may keep below 10°C (50°F) for long period.
• In the Summer (from May to October), the whole region is quite hot. Temperature may rise to 37°C (98.6 °F) in the peaks of June and July. Halong City enjoys equitable weather with high average humidity (80%) all year round though they may occasionally be subjected to typhoons and heavy rain in late summers (September to November). The distinct features: pleasant spring (typically March-April) and autumn (October-December), a chilly winter (December- February) and a hot summer (June – July).

Best Time to Travel

It is Possible to visit Ha Long Bay year-round, with the best time to visit from October through April, although during the winter months of December, January and February, the weather can be cool and overcast with low visibility. During the summer months from May to September, temperatures rise and storms are more likely during the rainy season.

Ha Long Bay Four Seasons:

  • Spring: February to April: Temperature ~ 17°C – Misty with drizzle.
  • Summer: May to July: Temperature ~ 28°C – Clear blue sky with occasionally pouring rain.
  • Autumn: August to October: Temperature ~ 25°C – Partly cloudy, partly windy, high chance of storm.
  • Winter: November to February: Temperature ~14°C – Cloudy, cool and rainy.

How to Wear

It is Highly Recommended that you check the weather forecast before packing up, some tips are:

  • The Hot season is from May to September with the Temperature is 25 – 35 degree: Shorts and skirts and short sleeve shirt.
  • The Cold season in Ha Long Bay is from October to April and the Temperature is 10 – 15 degree: Sweaters, jumper, light jacket, scarf.
  • During kayaking/swimming: Swimming suits, sun block, hat, anti-insect repellent, sunglasses.
  • During visiting the cave and grottoes, visiting fishing village: Walking shoes, crocs shoes, scandals, comfortable clothes.

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