Wifi and Phone Connection on Lan Ha Bay cruise

Wifi and Phone Connection on Lan Ha Bay cruise

Wifi and Phone Connection on Lan Ha Bay cruise

Stay in touch with family, friends and colleagues while travelling abroad is a concern that most of travelers care about. Especially when you are cruising on the sea, wifi and phone signal play an important part in connecting with others.

Why are Internet and Mobile Connection Unsteady in Ha Long Bay?

All Internet Service Providers in Vietnam use ground transmission which is different to satellite transmission technology in Europe or America, leads to the weaker signal when vessels sail away from the pier. Especially when the cruises go further into the Bay, connection becomes fluctuated due to the blockage of hundreds of karst & limestone mountains.

Overnight cruises in Ha Long Bay do offer complimentary internet onboard using wifi therefore it could not as stable as cable network as on the mainland.

Transmitter is always installed inside the ship thus signal transmits through the partitions is weaken.

How to Stay in Touch with the World when Cruising  in Ha Long Bay?

You should take advantage of internet connection while the vessel stop as it is much better transmission.
Restaurant has strongest wifi signal and sundeck is the best place to reach 3G/4G signal on any vessel because of its height and obstacle-free. If you need to make a call, let’s go to the sundeck.

In case you would like to access internet while chilling here, 3G/4G sim card is the good choice. In Vietnam, you can easily purchase 3G/4G sim card at the cost of roughly USD 5 – 7 at post offices, airport stalls without registration or simply seek your Travel Consultant’s assistance in advance.

Another reminder from Peony Cruises is electrical outlet used on our ships are 220V, so be ready for your upcoming amazing cruise with us by bringing along an adaptor to make the most of your electric devices.

The last but not the least, great cameras, smart phones or technological accessories such as selfie stick, handheld stabilizer are essential to capture the memorable moments with your friends, family as well as the extraordinary movie scenery of Ha Long Bay as well as Lan Ha Bay.